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Frank Roessler

Founder of Ashcroft Capital

“Whatever your industry is, no matter how well things are going just say to yourself, ‘is this the best that I can do?’ and I bet more often than not you’ll know that you can push yourself even harder to create additional value.”

Frank Roessler is a New York City based real estate investment manager with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He has a B.S in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Frank spent the first half of his career gaining necessary skills and experience in order to pursue his dreams of founding his own company. Ashcroft Capital was founded in 2014 and has been expanding ever since.

The idea of opening his own business came from Franks parents. They owned a small pizza shop in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where Frank grew up. He spent many days there watching them run the business and after seeing how much his father enjoyed it, Frank decided he wanted to pursue running a business which would give him that same feeling of joy and accomplishment. Frank Roessler didn’t pursue real estate until college. After graduating he briefly considered establishing his own business right then and there. After research and realizing he did not possess all of the skills and knowledge he would need to succeed Frank enrolled in an internship at M&A Real Estate Partners. Once his internship was completed he was promoted to acquisitions associate and ultimately because the Asset Manager for the entire $500,000,000 portfolio. Some of his duties were expense auditing, staff management, financial reporting and budgeting. While some would feel overwhelmed with so many responsibilities Frank saw it as learning opportunity that put him one step closer to his goal.

In 2015 Frank Roessler made the difficult decision to leave M&A to found Ashcroft Capital. After 10 years in the industry Frank not only possessed the critical skills to succeed, but also the passion and drive to create something unique and in line with his values. Ashcroft Capital is a multifamily investment firm that invests in major metropolitan areas that demonstrate consistent growth and strong apartment fundamentals. The firm rebrands the properties it acquires and renovates to increase property value. Ashcroft Capital has a total portfolio value of over $400,000,000 and manges over 5,000 units. Frank is in charge of all sourcing, acquisitions, debt structuring, budgeting, asset management and dispositions.

When Frank isn’t overseeing his growing investments he is spending as much time as possible outdoors. He has a strong love of nature and the feeling of relaxation that comes with immersing himself in nature. His favorite outdoor activity is hiking and he loves exploring new trails whenever possible.

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